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Call for Papers

AKTET, Journal of Institute Alb-Shkenca is now accepting manuscripts submissions of papers presented during the V-th International Annual Meetings in Tirana, Albania. Manuscript should be submitted through the ALPA system at, http://alpa.mali-it.eu/journal/aktet_v4_nr1/. Deadline for submitting manuscripts is October 31, 2010.


AKTET publishes papers presented during the annual meeting of Institute Alb-Shkenca (IASH). The journal publishes only research papers containing original, novel, and relevant research that enhances the existing knowledge. The editorial board consists of an editor-in-chief, a technical editor, and several subject areas editors. Authors that have presented during the annual meeting of IASH are welcomed to submit their work for publication.

Manuscripts can be submitted in English or Albanian, English being the preferred language. Submission of the manuscript implies that essentially the same research is not published before (except in a form of a summary, lecture, or thesis), is not submitted elsewhere for publication, and that the manuscript is approved by all the authors and authorities where the work is carried out. Authors are requested to disclose any conflict of interest and provide information for any financial support used to conduct the research. An accepted manuscript cannot be published elsewhere without the written permission of IASH.

The journal publishes only original work that contributes to the advancement of science. Plagiarism is not acceptable and will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Conclusions should be justified by the experimental design and data. The presented information should have sufficient details to permit others replicate the work. Authors should retain the research data and should be able to provide these data to the editorial board if asked. Please use appropriate language, be concise and grammatically correct. Authors are responsible for the scientific accuracy and the format of the submitted manuscript as well as the content of the correspondence with the editors.


Manuscript should be limited to 2500 words including title, summary, text, bibliography, tables, graphs, etc. Manuscript should be saved in Microsoft® Office Word, A4 format, 2.5 cm (1 inch) margins, single column double spaced, and Times New Roman font of size 12. Do not use footnotes or endnotes. Pages should be numbered while the title, names and contact information of the authors should be provided on the first page. Manuscript should contain:

  1. Title: Be concise and clear. Provide authors contact information. Superscripts a, b, c can to indicate authors affiliations. Corresponding author should be indicated with an asterisk.
  2. Key words: Provide 4-5 key words that represent the subject of the paper.
  3. Summary: Should represent the essence of the work and should be limited to 150 words. Provide summary in both Albanian and English.
  4. Introduction: Describe your work, related research, its importance, and clearly state the objective of the study.
  5. Material and methods: Provide details on the materials being used and experimental procedures. Provide sufficient details to allow work to be reproducible.
  6. Result and discussions: Results should be clear and illustrated in tables and graphs. Use statistical analysis and draw conclusions based on statistical significance. Discuss in details the implication of the results. Conclusions should be directly related to the results obtained. Conclusions not be speculative, spontaneous, or/and summarizing the already available information.
  7. Bibliography: List literature sources alphabetically base on the last name of the first author. Every literature source must be cited in the text by the related number. A limit of 20 literature sources can be provided. A citation ‘in press’ implies that the reference is accepted for publication. Unaccepted manuscripts cannot be referenced. Do not use references from the internet except for the online publications.

    Examples of references:
    1. Libby WF, Anderson EC, Arnold JR (1949) Age determination by radiocarbon content. Science 109, 227-228.
    2. Strunk W, White EB (1979) The elements of style, third ed. Macmillian, New York

  8. Tables: Present each table on a separate page. Tables should be numbered and titled.
  9. Figures and graphs: Present figures and graphs on separate pages after the figures.

Authors submitting social sciences contributions may disregard sections 5 and 6 when preparing their manuscripts. Manuscripts that do not conform to the above format will not be considered.


Manuscripts are electronically submitted through the ALPA system at, http://alpa.mali-it.eu/journal/aktet_v4_nr1/. Instruction for use of the ALPA system is found at the address above as well as at, www.alb-shkenca.org

Submit the manuscript within the deadline announced by the editorial board. Along with the manuscript submit a message directed to the editorial board, stating the desire to publish the manuscript and indicating the participation in the annual meeting of IASH.

Submitted manuscripts will be double-blinded reviewed by two experts of the subject area. Editorial board will make the decision on the acceptance of the manuscript based on the recommendations from the reviewers and notify this decision to the authors. Authors should be notified on the status of the manuscript within a 3-4 months period. The entire process will be electronically documented.

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